Loving for FALL

With baby due any day now, I can’t wait to get into FALL fashion. I am sick and tired of my “bump uniforms” as I call them. So I wanted to share a few of my favorites for this fall. I am all about the felt hats, can’t have too many! Oh, and yes that’s an Iphone 6s GOLD 64GB….can’t wait to get my hands on one, so I can take amazing pictures of my little babe. What are you loving for FALL?

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Designer Crush: Jenny Wolf

This home  is absolutely gorgeous. The brass, dark tones, use of Kelly Wearstler fabrics, mixed materials, herringbone wood floors, exposed brick…what is not to love about this home. I stumbled upon this via Pinterest and had to check this designer out further. Majorly crushing on this project.




Images: Jenny Wolf Interiors

Baby Style Update

So there has been some serious progress on baby’s room since my last post. It’s just about complete, hope to get it 100% done this weekend. Then I hope to do a proper shoot, to get some great images before his arrival. I’ve shared all the pictures below on my Instagram recently. Not going to lie totally OBSESSED with this crib. It is the Harlow crib by Babyletto. I did the abstract above his crib, and so far am liking it. As you can see his crib is filled with some of the items I will be packing in his bag for coming home!

Dash| #jennabaksastyle Dash| #jennabaksastyle

A little snapshot of some of the items going in his hospital bag. The swaddles are from Lou Lou & Company both were gifts at my shower, I absolutely adore them. The tiny little Snow Mocc’s are from Summersault Kids. You have to check them out. Their prices & their quality are great. I’ve purchased 3 pairs and I cannot wait to see them on him. Oh, and what are those adorable little Royal Lion pants you ask? They are Rosie Pope Baby, and so dang cute I had to buy them in 2 sizes and pajamas. I scored them on Zulily months ago. In fact, Rosie Pope just reposted this picture of mine on her Instagram….kind of a cool moment. Baby Boy’s coming home options are famous! Well not really, but hey pretty cool. What are some of your favorite items for baby’s hospital bag? I’m due in 2 weeks…so off to finish that TO DO LIST!

Dash| #jennabaksastyle



Baby Room Style

So, news flash…….I’m PREGNANT! I’ve been busy designing obsessing over my BABY BOY’s room since the positive pregnancy test.

I knew from the get go, I wanted a sophisticated baby’s room. I want this room to feel like the rest of my home, NOT like a baby store threw up baby blocks, animals & sailboats. I just can’t do the typical baby nursery décor. The sophisticated design will grow with him. At least that’s my goal with selecting items for this room. I want to stay classic, timeless and not too trendy. Some items below I have purchased already, some are on my wish list and some are inspiration for vintage finds that I am hunting for.

JennaBaksaStyle JennaBaksaStyle

CRIB: I really focused in on the crib first and foremost. The crib we chose is by Babyletto it’s the Harlow. It was on backorder for months and became available last week, I purchased it and 3 business days later it was delivered! It’s currently unavailable again, and I know why…it’s a really great crib. I mean they had me at the acrylic front slats. Hello gorgeous modern crib. The acrylic sealed the deal for me, however the base is really different and nice as well.

BOOKSHELVES: I have a pair of the bookshelves flanking the window, they are from IKEA & a total steal at $59.99. Underneath the window is a sideboard turned changing table that was a family piece passed down, with lots of storage.

AREA RUG: The area rug is one of the pieces that I have not purchased yet, because I cannot decide! I really like the pop of color it could add. Although I’m worried I won’t like it after some time. I tend to work with so much color that in my own home I stay away from it. I need neutral, I always love it no matter my mood.

WINGBACK CHAIR: The wingback chair is from Target and is amazing. I haven’t purchased it yet, but it will be mine. I can’t see spending hundreds of dollars on a rocking, gliding chair that style wise I despise. I’d much prefer to have a classic chair that could go anywhere in the home should it out grow baby boy’s room. I know, I know, what about rocking baby to sleep. Well folks, I’ll be standing and rocking. Different strokes for different folks. I am hoping this won’t be my biggest regret in the design. I just CAN’T do the nursery gliders, it feels like I am throwing money away.

ACRYLIC KIDS CHAIR: Can we talk about how rad the acrylic kids size slither chair is?! Why are kids size chairs so stinking adorable. Let’s be honest, everything kid sized is adorable. This chair is by no means necessary, but by all means amazing. The price is pretty amazing too, available at Domino’s online shop.

ABSTRACT ART: The abstract art piece for over the crib I really love this particular piece above; however, I am hoping to find a great piece of vintage abstract art that needs some love. I am also on the hunt for a brass trunk for baby’s toys….have been stalking craigslist and am soon going on a vintage shopping day around town.

OYSTER PRINT: I love this print so much, I don’t have it yet….but as you can see it’s a perfect fit. Some inspiring words for baby boy to enjoy.

MINI MARINERS TABLE LAMP: This cute little lamp from Restoration Hardware Baby would be perfect as a night light to check up on baby boy while he’s sleeping.

NUNA LEAF CURVE: I just love this little seat, and so does my yorkie Louis. This modern designed baby seat is genius, I hope that baby boy will agree. It had great reviews, and the simplicity really sold me.

SHEEP PIGGY BANK: My mom has bought piggy banks for all of her grandchildren so mine was no exception. I however steered her towards this modern cutie from Anthropologie.

FRESHLY PICKED MOCS: I mean come on, so CUTE. I have yet to purchase these for baby boy, but I think he needs them don’t you? I feel connected to this brand as she debuted on Shark Tank, and I am an avid Shark Tank watcher.

GOLD WIRE SIDE TABLE: This lovely side table I already own, and now it has a perfect spot in baby’s room by the wingback chair…..coming soon! This table was from Target and has been long gone, but they get lots of cute side tables in all the time now….so keep your eyes pealed.

GOLD MOROCCAN POUF: The perfect little place to put my feet up or another seat in baby’s room while we are staring at him. This gem is so versatile, I have one in the living room and will be getting another. I bought from One Kings Lane, and sometimes they go on sale for….wait for it $99.99- that’s when I pulled the trigger. Hoping for that again for #2.

JELLYCAT BUNNY: This was a gift from one of my best friends for baby boy. The Jellycat stuffed animals are super cute, modern and soft.

That pretty much sums up baby boy’s room. It’s my style…which will be baby boy’s style. Just because we have kids doesn’t mean our style goes away am I right?!


My Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom has been completed! Yay. We’ve even had some guests stay over. The inspiration for this bedroom all started with this beautiful vintage trunk I found. (more on the inspiration here) I really LOVE the vibe of this bedroom. It’s masculine, yet clean and cozy.

JBGuest Bedroom 1  JB Guest Bedroom 4 JB Guest Bedroom 2


Headboard no longer available, but similar style: Target Clip Corner Headboard // Mendel Vintage Trunk: Antique Gatherings  // Vintage Brass Lamp: Zinnia’s // Mirror: Hobby Lobby // Threshold Micro plush Blanket: Target // Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Pussy willow Flat

Blooming Branches

Blooming branches are at Trader Joe’s!!!! I seriously L O V E them to pieces. I bought 3 bunches this past weekend. I have them in a vase on the entry table shown below. The flowers are hot pink & totally pop against my gold framed mirror in my entry. Even when the flowers die, the branches usually stay looking pretty C H I C for awhile. JennaBaksa.Com Blooming BranchesWhat do you think, do you like blooming branches? It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in this time of year. There are so many fabulous ways to style them around your home. Here are a few images that I just adore.

JennaBaksa.Com | AD Brooke ShieldsJennaBaksa.Com | Elementsofstyleblog.comJennaBaksa.Com | Kelly Wearstler

JennaBaksa.Com | Blooming Branches

JennaBaksa.ComJennaBaksa.Com |AD

JennaBaksa.com | KW Kelly Wearstler IGEven KW herself was feeling the branches, this image above is from her Instagram Feed today! Great minds think alike.


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Guest Bedroom

I am so excited that my guest room / office design is coming together. I’ve been slowly purchasing furniture for the room over the last few months, and there are still a few things to select to complete the space. When I started designing the space I knew I wanted a more masculine vibe, so I started collecting images for inspiration. Here are some of my absolute favorites.  They are classic, yet eclectic and sophisticated.


kelly wearstlerjennabaksastylelouis v trunk

My guest room walls are painted a soft gray which is Sherwin Williams Pussywillow, and the flooring is a neutral camel carpet. So I am starting with a pretty neutral canvas.

The first piece of furniture I found for the room was this AMAZING vintage Mendel Wardrobe Trunk that I found at Antique Gatherings here in Phoenix. It was really LOVE at first sight with this trunk. The brass, the black & hunter green stripes…it’s a gem. The trunk is going to be used as a nightstand, inspired by the above images. I really love the timeless feel of a trunk nightstand. The desk will be on the opposite side of the bed. This particular desk I haven’t purchased yet, but I really kind of love it. I just purchased this headboard from Target, at wait for it….50% OFF. Hurry it’s still on sale! It’s a neutral linen with white piping, which is rather stunning. The Hermes blanket is more of a dream than a reality. However, it would look super CHIC obviously. I haven’t made my mind up on the lamps yet, but do love this brass & marble one. I plan on going with all black and white artwork on the walls, which will look so good! I’ll accessorize with BRASS objects on the trunk.

My Guest Room VIBE:

Guest Bedroom JennaBaksaStyle



Interior Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // Clip Corner Headboard: Target // Deco Marble Lamp: West Elm // Campaign Desk: Target // Hermes Avalon Blanket: Hermes // Mendel Vintage Trunk: Antique Gatherings //



Hello, let me introduce myself my name is HOV. Just kidding, I am not JAY-Z.

jenna & brian engagement 9

My name is Jenna Baksa, I’m a wifey, an interior designer, and I was born & raised in Arizona. This is our little family.  Baksa is my new married name…well it’s been a year, but it still feels pretty new to me considering for the other 30 years of my life it was something else. (Yes, I am thirty something….thirty-one to be exact. Probably the first time I’ve admitted that.)

I’ve always wanted and knew that Interior Design was for me. Even before I could completely understand what it was, that’s what I told people I wanted to do in life. I’m currently working for a design firm in Scottsdale, AZ as a designer. I’ve been there approaching 5 years, and I have learned SO much. Everyday is different, and I truly love that aspect of what I do. There are challenging days like any career path, but there are some REALLY rewarding days as well. The feeling you get when you present your client’s home to them and they see all the furniture selections, finishes complete and in place, there is really nothing like it. Also the wonderful feeling of finding the perfect fabric, or perfect tile it’s exhilarating. I could go on and on about why I love it.

So maybe you’re wondering why this website? Well, I was recently promoted to a full blown designer with my company. I am now able to take on projects of my own, which is VERY exciting. Over the course of the past year, my in-laws remodeled their home & I was the designer on the project. It was such a great experience for me, and I have to say the home turned out pretty AH-MAZING. They are super happy, which makes me happy and the entire process was really great. I mean sure things could’ve gotten hairy, but honestly it went really well. (dusting my shoulder off) It actually brought me a lot closer to my in-laws. Not that we weren’t close before because we were. We had weekly meetings into the night, followed by a delicious meal & wine naturally. Actually I kind of miss those meetings, it was so much fun. Designing with my mother in-law, who has great taste, hardly felt like work at all. That’s also what I love so much about what I do. It doesn’t feel like actual “work”. It’s my passion, I LIVE it. It feels far more like a hobby, but it’s WAY more than a hobby. It’s my LIFE. It consumes me. Sometimes it’s exhausting. Mainly when it comes to my own home. I get an idea and then I can’t shut it off until it’s complete. When I say idea, I mean hundreds of things I want to do in my own home at ALL times. I could probably name literally 100 things design wise I have planned in my head for my own home. It’s kind of sick, right?! On that note, my husband is a trooper. He puts up with my constant design shenanigans. He will tag along to thrift stores treasure hunting with me. Not always will he want to go, but he will do it because he loves me and he knows it makes me so happy to find a treasure. I can’t help it, finding a deal treasure is like finding gold to me. I love antiquing, thrifting, searching for treasures. My husband has been known to call me a gypsy. He says things like, “what are you selling gypsy?” (in his hi-pitched Irish-like accent.) I think that it’s a line from a movie, I really don’t know where he got it from. But, I have to admit, it makes me giggle.

I LOVE coffee. Like need/want it all the time and right when I wake up. As in, feet touch the ground from out of bed and I immediately walk to the kitchen to get a hot cup of joe. Well, I usually listen for the coffee maker to beep before I get up. My husband is an early riser so he’s always the one making the coffee. I think it’s part of the reason we are a perfect match. He’s like the ying to my yang. Sometimes he even brings me coffee in bed, and sometimes it’s not coffee it’s a LATTE. I mean that’s LOVE. Frothing milk that early is for sure LOVE.

We have two furry babies that light up our life. When we started dating, we each had our own dog and they were the same age 1. So our doggies have grown up together and are now 10. I can’t believe they are 10. Louis is my baby and he’s a Yorkie. He’s my world, this little guy is seriously so cute. I say it all the time, how can you be this cute. It’s like he’s not a real live dog. More like a teddy bear, or a pig, or a little boy. He’s got the BEST personality and just cracks me up daily. Bo is our other furry, and he was my husband’s dog. Bo is a Blue Heeler, cattle dog, Australian heeler. He is SUPER smart, and very loyal to Brian. Smarter than he should be at times! Bo too has quite the personality. He likes everything in order, that’s in his nature to corral people like sheep. He’s not a fan of horseplay, handshakes or goodbye’s. That’s what makes him Bo. Louis & Bo are quite the odd pair, but they are so cute together. They get along amazingly and always have. Louis runs the shots though, surprising? I also have to add, that I have ALWAYS taken pictures of them so they are so well behaved during a photo shoot. Yes, I call them photoshoots!

Ok, enough about me. I am really excited to start this journey, sharing my work, inspirations and learning from all of you as well. So let’s do this!

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